Can I used an Omerta Encrypted SIM with my phone?

Can I used an Omerta Encrypted SIM with my phone?

The Omerta Encrypted SIM card works with any unlocked phone and is not restricted to Omerta handsets. It is not mandatory to use a Omerta handset to benefit from the security features associated with our Encrypted SIM.

Whilst using an Encrypted SIM will improve your privacy whilst using the standard phone network, be aware that your handset may not provide a similar level of security& you can still be at risk from your handset being hacked, data compromised or location being disclosed through a poorly configured app.


Encrypted SIM for iPhone

Our Encrypted SIM cards are compatible with all models of iPhone. Furthermore we support Electronic SIM (ESIM) and can provide these for iPhone XS& above. ESIM have two advantages; namely quick delivery as we can email the ESIM as a QR Code& plausible deniability should you factory reset your iPhone - no trace of the ESIM will show on your phone.

For more details contact us at[email protected]

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