Configuring your SIM for Internet Access

Configuring your SIM for Internet Access

The instructions below guide you through configuring your smartphone for mobile data via your Omerta Encrypted SIM. The process can be broken into 3 distinct steps:
  1. Changing your profile
  2. Selecting your network provider
  3. Creating an Access Point Name 

Each step takes a minute or so to complete and are similar to what might be done when configuring your phone for roaming with a normal network provider. 

The instructions provided are specifically for an Omerta handset however the steps are the same for Android & iPhone (however the location for each setting might vary slightly between phones). 

If you have any questions please email support or start a new ticket.

Step 1: Change Profile 

Instructions to set profile

  1. Do this by opening the SIM toolkit from the app drawer (swipe up from bottom of screen) & choose SIM ToolKit.
  2. Select Profiles
  3. Choose the profile you have been advised to use e.g R1 
    1. Choose "Use Old" if prompted
  4. Wait until process has completed
  5. Move onto step 2

Points to note: When downloading a profile you may be asked to choose a new or old profile. Always choose old. 

Step 2: Change network provider

Instructions to set Network Provider

  1. Swipe down and press and holding Mobile Data
  2. Go to Network and unselect Automatically select network 
  3. Now choose network appropriate for the country you are in

Points to note: If you can't make calls you may have your phone is set to auto-connect to a network provider. This might connect you to a provider we don't support. 

Step 3: Set your Access Point Name for internet access

Instructions to set APN

  1. From the home screen, swipe up on the screen to open the menu.
  2. Tap Settings.  

  3. Tap Connections.

  4.   Tap Data usage.

    • If Mobile data is disabled, enable Mobile data and tap the back symbol.

    • If Mobile data is enabled, tap the back symbol.

  5. Tap Mobile networks.

  6. Tap Access Point Names.

  7. Tap the SIM card in use, such as, SIM 1.

  8. Tap Add.

    • Under Name, enter OmertaNet

    • Under APN, enter Fastaccess

  9.   Tap the three dots on the top right hand side of the screen

  10.   Tap Save.  

  11. Tick OmertaNet.

  12. Return to the home-screen, wait a few minutes and try browsing the internet.

Points to note:  These two settings are case sensitive. You must save these settings when created. These settings have no impact on being able to call.

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