Customs Have Opened My Parcel, What Should I Do?

Customs Have Opened My Parcel, What Should I Do?

Customs have all the grace and manner of a 'bull in a china shop'. If Customs have opened your parcel, Please remember it is normal for them to carry out spot checks. 

 We would advise asfollows:


1. Open the box and retrieve the handset.
2. Give the phone a visual inspection - it is impossible that they have physically tampered with the phone as the handset was never held long enough to perform any kind of specialist work.
3. Boot up the phone and in conjunction with the set up email, please set the phone up for use. 
4. With that in done - perform theDevice Integrity Management check;. Because this verifies the handset against a third party server it will advise if the handset has been compromised.
5. Finally, with that check done I am happy to perform a remote review of you handset at a suitable time.

Sim Cards

1.Open the package and keep note of any thing you deem to be particular abnormal.

2. The sim cards are shipped without activation. There is no information that is connected with the sim cards, Without activation this means that there is not as much as a subscription type connected with the sim ID.

3. We ship under the description 'Smart cards for moving data between devices' and not 'Sim Cards' Along with that there is no company description on the sim cards them self.

Should any issue be identified please contact us. It would be worth while remembering (No matter how important we think we are) you would have to be on Interpol's list to warrant that type of work.

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