Differences between the voice and data , Data Only & 100min Voice subscription

Differences between the voice and data , Data Only & 100min Voice subscription

The OmertaNet Encrypted SIM Service is available from 3, 6, 12, 18 month subscriptions Including our new 30 Day Voice only subscription.

1. Voice & Data Subscription

This subscription varies depending on subscription length. For example a 6 month subscription includes unlimited calling and plus up to  10gb of High Performance Mobile Data. 
Subject to availability you can purchase a phone number from your chosen country and have that allocated to your subscription.

2 . Data Only Subscription

Data Only is exactly as it says . You  receive up to 10gb of High Performance Mobile Data when you purchase the sim card subscription.
This option does not allow for making or receiving calls via phone line, nor can you add a phone number to the subscription. 

3 . Voice Only Subscription .

Our Voice only comes in a 30 Day subscription only and comes with 100 Minutes, for secure calling worldwide.

Included with the service...


Voice & Data

Data Only

Voice Calls Only
Voice Modulation

Random Number Substitution

Explicit Number Substitution

1 X Data Allocation

Worldwide Calling

Landline Number Available

Mobile Number Available

Prevent Location Tracking

Prevent Interception to Calls

Prevent IMEI Tracking

Phone Number From Your Country

Privacy & Security features

  1. True privacy from encrypted calls which cannot be traced back to you or listened into by malicious parties.
  2. A one-off allocation of mobile data to enable private, anonymous internet browsing.
  3. Unlimited usage of the privacy features including Number Substitution & Voice Modulation
  4. 7 x Voice Modulation
  5. Random & Explicit Number Substitution
  6. GEO Location Masking
  7. Super fast High performance VPN style mobile Data
  8. IMEI & IMSI Blocking/Masking

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