Which of my apps uses the most mobile data and can I stop it?

Which of my apps uses the most mobile data and can I stop it?

Any app that requires an internet connection will start using your mobile data if your phone is not connected to a Wi-FI network. You can check how much data each of your apps are using on the data usage settings menu by tapping Mobile data usage.
Tap mobile data usage

If an app is using up too much of your data, you can choose to restrict it by preventing it from using mobile data while running in the background.
  1. Swipe up on your home screen, to access your apps
Swipe up on your home screen
  1. Tap Settings
Tap Settings
  1. Tap Apps
Tap Apps
  1. Tap the app that you want to restrict
Tap the app you want to restrict
  1. Tap Mobile data
Tap Mobile data
  1. Tap the switch next to Allow background data usage
Please note: By restricting the background usage some features of the app may not work. For example, you would no longer receive notifications from Facebook when something happens on your profile unless the app is open

Tap the switch next to Allow background data usage
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