Whilst Omerta handsets support a lot of Android based apps, there are occasions where by an app will point blank refuse to operate because of dependencies with Google Play Services. One such app is Snapchat & we get a lot of requests from users whom  really want to run the  app on their Omerta.

Whilst Snapchat is easily downloaded from Aurora or Aptiode App Market, the program requires Google Play Services so users can login. Since Omerta handsets are totally de-googled you'll find Snapchat simply falls over.

Move over rover - Let Huawei take over

One of the more interesting stories in tech news last year was the USA banning Huawei into exile for alleged spying activities. This meant Google had to revoke Huawei's access to Google Services including the App store & Google Play Services. Huawei instantly lost the bulk of their Android environment & suffered a huge blow to their devices usability.

To counter the loss of Google Services, Huawei launched their own App Market which is completely Google free & they have taken it upon themselves to rewrite certain apps so they no longer require Google Play Services. Snapchat is one such app & following testing I can confirm the app runs on Omerta devices.

Note of Caution - Seriously....

The  following guide explains how to download a social media app which, by its very nature, is not very private. Next, the guide recommends you download the app from a company that has been ejected from the USA for spying. Personally I would consider this app high risk in terms of it monitoring your activities. Due to it being high risk, my advise is, at the very least, install it on a secure partition/sandbox area using an app such as Island or Shelter (both of which are for discussion at a later day)!

How to install Snapchat....

As mentioned above, I recommend installing Snapchat on a sandboxed & isolated area with separate permissions to protect your phone. I also advise backing up your contacts, call logs and messages just in case you break you phone and  have to factory reset!

  1. On your Omerta visit the Huawei App Gallery at https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/
  2. The App Gallery  can be downloaded from a link at the top right of the screen
  3. Install the app by touching it after download is complete
  4. You may be prompted that your web browser requires  permission to install the app. Click accept.
  5. After installing Huawei App  Gallery you might be asked to install some dependencies - it is ok to click yes!
  6. With Huawei App Gallery running you can now search for Snapchat & install!
  7. Enjoy!